A delicate small bracelet with an medal of your favorite Saint. Perfect gifts for those with devotions or patron Saints they want to recognize. 


Available Saints:


Saint Joseph- The Patron Saint of Families


Saint Michael the Archangel- The Patron Saint of Police, Soldiers, Doctors, Paratroopers, Mariners and sickness.


Divine Mercy- The primary focus of the Divine Mercy devotion is the merciful love of God and the desire to let that love and mercy flow through one's own heart towards those in need of it. Jesus I trust in you.


Saint Anthony- Patron Saint of lost items, lost people, lost souls, and the poor.


Our Lady of Guadalupe- The Patroness of all the Americas. She appeared to Juan Diego in 1945 on December 12th.


Saint Jude- The Patron Saint of lost causes, desperate situations, and of hospitals.


Saint Patrick- The Patron Saint of Ireland, also known as the "Apostle of Ireland".


Blessed Mother- The Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, The Mother of the Church.


Guardian Angel- An angel assigned to you that will guide and protect you.


Holy Spirit- The third member of the Holy Trinity. At the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove as the voice of God the Father spoke. 


Saint Francis- The Patron Saint of animals, the environment, and the Cub Scouts.


Saint Therese- The Patron Saint of Missionaries, florists, gardeners, loss of parents and tuberculosis.


Saint Christopher- The Patron Saint of travelors.



Saint Bracelet

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